The Oregon Pharmacists Fund (PAC)

The Oregon Pharmacists Fund (OPF) helps elect legislators and statewide officials who will act in pharmacists’ best interests. The OPF does this by providing financial support to political campaigns.  This is a PAC (Political Action Committee) which can help represent the interests of all Oregon Pharmacists and the needs of our patients.

When you support the Oregon Pharmacists Fund you:

  • help elect a more pharmacy-friendly legislature
  • receive updates on important legal and regulatory issues
  • receive invitations to meet with key policy makers

The best way to make sure a good bill passes, or to stop a bad bill, is to elect the right people.

Take advantage of the Oregon Political Tax Credit!  Donate to the Oregon Pharmacists Fund, and subtract up to $100 per couple or $50 per individual from your Oregon income tax bill.  It is a TAX CREDIT.   You can make a PAC donation once every year.

The Oregon Pharmacists Fund was created by the Statewide Pharmacy Coalition, Oregon State Pharmacy Association and the Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Each organization supports the fund as the primary political action vehicle for Oregon’s pharmacists. A PAC committee that considers all practice settings governs disbursements to campaigns.  

Oregon Pharmacists Fund PAC donations may be made by mailing a check or credit card information with the donation form to:

C & A Consulting
89358 Cranberry Lane
Bandon OR 97411
or fax to 800.967.7380

Click Here to make an on-line donation today!

Click Here to download the PAC donation form!

Do you have questions regarding your contribution/donation?
Call 541.347.4423

Additional Contacts

Oregon State Pharmacy Association
147 SE 102nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97216
Phone: 503.582.9055 * Fax: 503.253.9172

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